26th Annual IW Knights Lenten Fish Fry Survey (2017)

 The 2017 Fish Fry season was a tremendous success and the council wants to thank everyone who participated for their hard work. This season established a all-time record with $32,000 in revenue by which to support various charitable events for our church and the community. In order to make next year's fish fry more successful, we ask that you give us your ideas for improving by completing and returning this short survey. Again, thank you.

Lessons Learned Purpose and Objectives

  As part of a continuous improvement process, documenting lessons learned helps the team discover the root causes of problems that occurred and avoid those problems in later Fish Fry’s. Remember that your wife’s, girlfriends, others have ideas as well please ask them for their opinions, thanks.

Lessons Learned Questions

Fish Fry Successes:

Top 3 Significant Fish Fry Successes:

Event Success Factors That Supported Success

Other Notable Fish Fry Successes:

Other Event Success Factors That Supported Success

Fish Fry Shortcomings and Solutions

Event Shortcoming Recommended Solutions

If you are uncomfortable with signing your name, that’s OK. We are mostly interested in your honest opinions, and suggestions.

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