28th Annual IW Knights Lenten Fish Fry (2019)

The IWKnights Lenten Fish Fry Website (including the Online Store) will be undergoing a number of updates over the next month or so. So, things may look like the site is not looking right, but please be patient as the changes are implemented in time for our 2019 Fish Fry.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

What type of Service would you like?
We offer Full Menu in the Lower Church Hall on the Dine in Option & limited menu on the Online and Carry-Out Service options.

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Welcome to the online home of the IW Knights Lenten Fish Fry.

This is our 28th year of raising funds for charitable causes and we're known as being the ONLY Cajun-style fish Fry in St. Louis!

For those new to this extravaganza – starting with the IW Fat Friday Mardi Gras Event on Friday, February 9th from 6:00 PM – 11:00 PM and, beginning on Friday, February 16th, we offer SIX straight weeks of Fried Fish Fun every Friday from 4 to 7 PM!! The location of the event is in the Lower Church Hall (on the South side of Incarnate Word Parish).

Fish Fun every Friday from 4 to 7 PM!! The location of the event is in the Lower Church Hall (on the South side of Incarnate Word Parish).

(You can find us on the south-side of Olive Blvd either: 1 block West of Route 141 or 1 block East of Woods Mill Road)
And...you'll find colorful directions to all of our parking spots as you enter our campus.

Sure - we know you know that Easter is early on the calendar this year. Of course, that means Fat Tuesday and Ash Wednesday come earlier than, perhaps, you anticipated. So now we have set the stage - and if you have been around the parish for a while - you know that feeling developing in the pit of your stomach is just plain anticipation for the start of the 27th Annual IW Knights Lenten Fish Fry season…. Famous for being St. Louis’ ONLY Cajun Fish Fry!

We now can serve you in three distinct ways:

  1. Our traditional Dine-In service in our recently renovated Lower Church Hall - tap on "Dine-In" for our full menu.
  2.  If you prefer not to wait for service in the LCH - we offer a quick option with our Carry-Out service inside our comfortable upstairs Order Lounge. We offer reserved parking in our upper lot which is close to the Order Lounge. Just look for the large yellow "Carry-Out" sign above the entrance to the Lounge. Our Carry-Out menu is limited to Fried cod, Fried shrimp, or Baked tilapia as either a dinner or a bulk purchase along with all of our side orders. You can also walk or take an elevator downstairs to visit the Dessert Bar. Tap "Carry-Out" for that menu.
  3. The quickest way to Grab and Go is to use our On-line ordering/Drive-Thru pickup method. Click on this link and go to our On-Line order page which is powered by the Square. When you turn into the Incarnate Word driveway look for the Orange Thing as you enter into the Incarnate Word campus (i.e. sign and and tent) then pull your car up to the Orange sign and honk. We will come out, take your name, retrieve your order and deliver it back to your car. Please give us at least 20 minutes to prepare your order!


Thanks for thinking of us during Lent!
The IW Knights - Chesterfield, MO


Fish Fry - Thrive1+
Honored Guests at the 2014 Fish Fry - the ThriVe St. Louis Ladies

New for 2018…..
Our newly renovated Lower Church Hall should provide you, your family, and friends with an excellent Dine-In experience.

Our Carry-Out Service (The Yellow Zone) has been relocated to the front of our campus - with reserved parking for you. It's an easy walk to the yellow zone ordering center.

Try our Orange Thing experience! Order online at STLFishFry.com - and then, pull up to pick up your order (in about 30 minutes) in our front parking lot at the bright orange tent.

As always - the old fare is hearty, but fried Cod is STILL King at our fish fries. However, shrimp and tilapia are princes in our realm and always ready to appease your appetite. Our fried Cod offerings - sold as dinners, in bulk, and as Lit’l Cod plates, along with many side order choices - still rank as the most popular menu items overall!

Laissez les bons temps rouler! – Let the Good Times Roll!

We're the only fish fry in west St. Louis County that accepts not only Cash, Checks, Credit/Debit Cards....but also various mobile payments as well.

We also serve a number of side orders and offer a weekly Cajun Special or two – for this week’s special(s) check our message board hanging in entry tunnel. This year we are also offering a few menu items with a Cajun flavor.

-   A Seafood (Shrimp and Cod) Gumbo;
-   A Cajun Shrimp Taco.
-   CAJUN COMBO - Gumbo and Spicy Shrimp Taco
-   An occasional outside Shrimp and Vegetable boil (If the weather is cooperative);

Promo Spot now airing on Covenant Network stations in St. Louis in 2018…

Promo Spot now airing on the following radio stations in St. Louis in 2018….

FM NewsTalk 97.1......Younger. Smarter. Better

A special thanks to Kuna FoodService for producing this spot for us.

You can find our menu by clicking here and on our Facebook page at Facebook.com/IWKnights9981. You can also download a PDF Version of this menu by clicking on the menu below. You can also order on-line at http://stlfishfry.com/fishfry/online-ordering/.